Mark Texiera Joins Comic Book Pros and Launches New Web Site!

Mark Texeira has joined the Comic Book Pros posse and is now selling artwork through art representative, Sam Abbinanti

"In addition to making artwork available through all of my traditional means, this is another opportunity to get my artwork into the hands of the fans and collectors who love my work," said Texeira. "Comic Book Pros has an outstanding stable of creators like Alex Ross, Angel Medina, Jill Thompson, Gary Gianni, Doug Braithwaite and many others. Sam Abbinanti has been in and around this business for decades and he knows the art buyers and the fans. It's a natural fit."

To kick things off right, Comic Book Pros has included Texeira into the Comic Book Pros web site and tabbed Integrated Web Solutions to revamp and redevelop Texeira's site, adding more images and more content. "The guys at IWS love the business of comics and they let my art be center of the web site. That's what I wanted and I believe that's what my fans want as well," said Texeira.

For more information or to purchase original artwork by Mark Texeira, contact Sam Abbinanti.